All The Stars Are Laughing

by Professor Syzygy

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A compilation of previously unreleased music by Professor Syzygy. Most of which were written and recorded before 'Orphans of the Future.' None of these songs were altered since their initial recordings for their release. Mistakes, both in recording and engineering, are present. Call it lazy it, call it an artistic statement. In reality, it's just laziness.


released September 25, 2014

All music and lyrics by Devin Perkins.

People that lent their voices in the song 'Potential Back Breakers' (in order of appearance): Nihan Yatir, Tyler Lynn, Kate Vickery, Keith Shorey

Album art created by Emma Royle.
Digitally edited by Devin Perkins and Shannon Feagin.




Professor Syzygy Rochester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: The King is Due
Suffering of the embryo,
Hoping it all just moves on.
Cut it up thin in a sadistic fashion,
Waiting for it all to go.
Save a piece for the princess,
Make sure it still has value.
Winking in a gypsy-like moon,
Wasting the whole day away.
Rain falls and drips atop your hair,
Making everything just glow.
Follow the way you've made me.
You've got the gist, man? Well make it move.

The greedy minds, they connect,
And they'd adjust the rest of it.
Cobwebbed trees, they go insane
While they wait for their end.
Maybe we should just live here,
And say, "Fuck it all!" to them.
We could have our children,
And perhaps tell some lies.
So you've got your choices, my dear,
You could me leave now forever.
But think of this when you decide,
I'd lay on the couch tonight.
Track Name: Between Their Eyes
Layla, where were you yesterday?
Has my pride died away?
Layla, is everything gonna be okay?
Will you please comfort me?
Make the Pretender go away.

Layla, is everything gonna be okay?
Is everything gonna be okay?

Is everything gonna be okay?

Layla, has my soul ran away?
Has my degree been evoked from me?
Layla, is everything gonna be okay?

Is everything gonna be okay?
Track Name: Essentials
Sensing. Breathing. This air is thickening.
Jars of blood spilled on the carpet.
These poor lion cubs are mewing at the harsh, red sun.
It's bloody. It's a mess. But soon this mess will pick up.

And soon the moon will come acting as a rag.
Red is the color of the absence of life.
But it's power, it's dominance. It's singularly aggression.
And soon, oh boy, it will encompass us all.

This spillage of regret via euthanasia
Is a natural contract of an instinctive paranoia
That bravely moves on in darkness with spite.
It will lacerate your life, red-hot like a knife.

This fever in disbelief is madness and sickly.
Enouragement: discouraged, ontop a mountain of reproach.
Their sites of God are among loaves of bread.
It's crusty and wholesome, so just pick your kind.

You came to me before with madness and regret.
I silenced my fears with a quick, inward breath.
An earthworm is peace come through simplicity,
But here you'll see it used to catch the fish.

Essentially, mesmerization is this world.
It's a mirror-trick, of sorts, that caught you as a bird.
Build me and shake me, save me for later.
I'm the catch of the day, sleeping in your mouth.

Truthful consumption, assuming you have life,
Is an optimism of baptism in an outlook, wholly.
Youthful respite is an invitation for Death,
So consumption is key to your own re-hatching.
Track Name: Potential Back Breakers
Echoes of your voice hit me
Like the fist of God.
But the echos are all I ever hear.
Will I ever hear the sounds from the source?
Will I ever see your lips move?
I think not. And this establishment of curses
Is something I've put onto myself.
I know, unerringly, that we'll meet,
But most likely not in this life time.
We may have already met once,
But not in this life time.
If you would tell me which stars you fall under,
I'll learn the names of every star seen from Earth
Just so I can navigate myself to you.
Give me their names, and I'll come.
Give me your position, and I'll come.
I'm in a time of need,
You have the want to give.
I'm willing if you are.
So tell me...
Are you?
Track Name: Your Song
Did you ever think that I could be someone else?
Did you ever hope that I could be someone else?
Did you ever hope that someone else could be me?
Did you ever, did you ever think of that?

Did you ever think that I could be somewhere else?
Did you ever hope that I would be by you?
Did you ever, did you ever, did you ever think of that?

Did you ever wonder why we are so far gone?
Did you ever think that maybe we are crazy?
Is it true that we will never know it's meanings?
Think that I ever think that you could be on time forever?

Did you tell me that you really did nott think of some other time?
Track Name: Freakazoid
It's killing the nation.
Deathly situation.

Crime in the street,
Grime in the meat.
Immunize the old men.
Monetize the children.

Coiled up in ropes.
Boiled into the soap.
Our jurisdiction offenders,
Various deadly defenders.

Cat walk walkers.
Corn stalk stalkers.
Pork and beans in their mouths,
Forks of silver from the south.

Oil in their minds.
These soil-stained kinds.
Fire away the ignorants.
Tired days of arrogance.
Track Name: Other Stars Will Begin
It's okay to say goodnight,
When it's all that's left to say.
And when the sun begins to die,
The other stars begin to fade.
The greatest call is being heralded,
But I'm too busy with this planet
To understand what it's been saying.
I'll never be able to handle it.
But that's okay, because it'll come eventually,
When these stars have left nothing but me.
And surely life will go on after we leave,
But the consciousness of sentience
Is a web of threats, a dying breed,
And will thrive without your compliance.
Track Name: And Then I Let Go of God
And in one sigh, I ended it all.
Everything I fought for,
I threw out of my dirty window.
It just has been too stressful.
And I could come back to these,
But perhaps in another life time.

I have two beliefs still,
And it's my curse for letting Him go.
That one belief is that love exists,
And the other is I'll never know it truly.
If I never find you, if I never meet you,
All of this will just be something worthless.
Track Name: The Electric Whale
This is your plastic christening.
It buffers you in electric ways.
The voltage crawls up your spine,
And jolts your voice up
Fourty-eight hundred decibels.

Underestimations are not belonging,
And your eyes itch to the mechanical waste.
The clouds disperse to show grime in the sky.
Your heart is swallowed in the swamp,
And the sun sets over this electric city.

Your jurisdiction's walls cannot keep us out.
Your right sided ways are bound to fall.
Open your mind to these little freaky things we say.
We won't take by force, it's not at all needed.
We'll use minds in ways yours is closed to.

Even whales can drown underwater,
Your faith isn't much nicer than that.
Look at us, we ask for none of your alternatives.
We could live a little longer in the days to come,
But wouldn't it be nice to just traverse to the other side?
Track Name: Thoughts in Tongues
What's around this corner?
Bloodied bits of poultry.
Could it be animal murder
Or sadistic gentry?
Rotten maggots pinned on tongues.
Jingle bells heard in the streets.
In this town there's so much fun
When you rip apart all their meat.

Eulogize your sardonic peace
By poisoning their doggy treats.
Rape your past to the floor
When you receive your Hugo Award.
Pin that pin on your shit-stained shirt,
I hope it pokes. I hope it hurts.

Forward an email to your friends,
Don't forget to include your mother.
Select her for your cultic clan,
And kill her when she's an applauder.
How famous do you want to be?
Perhaps enough to get off without consequence?
Everything is better when you're above the street
And it all fits within your ego-centric consciousness.

The golden marble's glowing bright.
A picture of war is a lovely sight.
My heart of green is just a step.
My mother lived, my father crept.
Undying love for the baby born.
Your heart is cold, your brain is torn.
Track Name: Rough Visionary Dreams
The stars and moon, they all explode
At the sound of God's wrath of fury.
He charged up his nebulon driver,
Said his goodbyes and said"I hath become weary."

It's true what the man had said to me,
You'll hear the cries of the Wretched Ones dying.
I've heard them myself, and everyone was scared.
Their cries were so weak they made me sway,
And also had me crying.

The time has come,
Technology has finally gone backwards,
The sun is blackened out to us all,
So all aboard our transit,
And leave behind all our words.

So ignorance is starting to let go,
Just in time for the end of the show,
Was it more than you could have handled?
This is how I mend.

Cables and wires could never control me,
And neither could our banner's country.
Is it time for me to kill this insanity?
All will be lost.

How in the universe did we all survive,
Like cockroaches in radioactive strife,
Wasn't this supposed to end our lives?
I can never win.

The sun comes into the crust of the Earth,
And we watch upon the firth.
Could it ever bring a face to a mirth?
My hope has been lost.

Rollick to the north, and come back to the south,
Everything must die by the snake's mouth.
Is it true that you would always pout?
I am so far gone...
Track Name: Visceral
Let the sun cover your dust-covered rose petals
That sow your rooms together.
It's an enlightening cleanse they've begged for
And you've just been holding out for better.
Shh. Listen quietly. That noise you hear?
It's your heart begging for it's deserved attention.
When you're ready to give it what it needs,
I'll be ready to give you your due retro-active pension.
Say it with me, "I'm not even close to my full potential."
That "the high road is just too low for my being.
I will one day reach the nebulas, and bring back my self.
Today is just one more day closer to my true feelings."
Let it all out now in a soft, mumbled moan.
"Fire up that rocket; we're going right to the moon."
Listen to this band, they'll make you feel like you're dying.
But I promise, death is only just a blessed swoon.
Track Name: Honey Comb
I'm not the rag you once threw.
They live to find peace, such an awful feat,
Near this star that we call home.
Their food source is running low
As they venture to their death.
The astro-lizard attacks their thoughts
When all was thought to be sane.

Honey comb, honey can you re-live
That memory of me?
And you can king the prince when he is due
Within all of my thoughts and prides.
Make me your memento of a time
That was once worse than now.
And if you feel like a rag doll in this bleak, red hall,
Remember that I had ran for you.

Honey comb, honey could you make me a memento
Of that place you once called Hell.
And while we were there we called upon
The chickens which dance in my head.
Once upon a time I was a better man
Who could have freed them all.
But ever since you broke that chain,
Honey comb, you have expunged me.
Track Name: The Drifter
The license to deviate's
A grandeur way of escaping this.
It's the nose-bleed row
Of a sanctuary,
Which means you are the malefactor.
It's the bindings that hug you
And keep you down on Earth.
You covet for freedom,
But you wish for this most
Through your actions that planted you
And keep your toes.
You'll relish the day
When the suns procreate.
It's a ménage à trois of stars
And celestial bodies afar.
And sooner, not later,
You'll cover your planet
With nuclear footprints,
A sadness in existence.
You're the drifter of naught,
With a love full of rot,
With worms which fall out
And birth in your gut.
Track Name: The Big End
This existence,
These dead stars
Turned to quasars.
Stars and galaxies,
God's hysterectomy.
Manned space ships
Piloted to spacial crypts.

God's ending this all.
He's pulling apart our universe.
The galaxies are ripping apart.
The end of our universe is nigh.
Welcome to the Big Rip.

Oden is dead,
Thor on his death bed.
These cosmic criers,
Became our campfires.
No instance prior remains,
Leave no trace nor chains.
The monoliths are lost,
We're left by the albatross.

Snow covers the universe.
All is becoming so cold.
The red dwarves are finished.
No galaxies are held together.
Enter the Great Freeze.

Flame releases energy,
The universe dead with synergy.
Black holes blow outward,
Time just moves forward.
Stars burst like fireworks,
Triggered like clockwork.
Everything goes alone,
Everything has it's stone.

The universe now a desert.
And no blue sky is left to play.
Man oh man, what a lonely place we're at.
What a death the universe will have.