The First of the Moonwalkers

by Professor Syzygy

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The Asthmatic Lizard is a bored god, who creates and destroys kingdoms in the matter of seconds in his domain of Northern Nothingness. He then makes a kingdom known as Beilorth and decides to let it strive for an hour of his time. The king of Beilorth, Iseit, is a very loving and protective man of his kingdom and wife, Irelise. The Lizard loves him for that, so when Beilorth's hour is up, he makes Iseit the exception and lets him live so that when the Lizard creates a new, final universe, Iseit is the first ever protector of it.

Due to the destruction of Beilorth, and more importantly Irelise, Iseit hates the Asthmatic Lizard. He swears to destroy him as he leaves Northern Nothingness to plan his brutal killing on the Lizard. While Iseit creates his cult of brainwashed followers (chimeras made of humans and eagles), The Eaglets, the Lizard creates the Orphans of the Future. It is their job to find the Professor of Syzygy, a common man named Bill, to kill Iseit before Iseit kills the Lizard.


released July 31, 2015

Recorded at Nuage Recording in Rochester, NH
Label: Mad Cosmonaut Productions
Written, Recorded, and Produced by Devin Perkins
CD Design by Devin Perkins
Artwork by Devin Perkins
Watercolor Tree by Sarah Schacher
Copyrighted under the license of Creative
Commons Attribution-NoDerives 3.0 Unported
(CC BY-ND 3.0)




Professor Syzygy Rochester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Hoc Orsus
I emit from my hands again;
Extirpating nascencies.
This flesh always allowed
A few hundred lives in seconds.
Broke upon empryean realms
That bled them all the same.

Accrued kingdoms that lay christened
Upon corpses of your kin.
Alone, the fault is mine.
Hapless the last one of their kind,
Who saw the born turned to dust.
Forever is he mine.

See the scenes, as if in reverse.
Black and white, hazy and infirm.
Track Name: Beilorth's Fable
What a land for tired eyes,
The beauty that lays here.
Out-stretched are their tired lives,
Iseit lovingly protects them..

These stretch marks break their skin.
I’ve got to recollect my plans.
To de-body the hierarchy...
Forgive my hands for what they’ll do.

With a sharp pain of comatose,
It fell.
Like a head-wrapped infirm,
It fell.

Their living is making my plans
Fade away.
I can’t help but see them as...
As if their fake.

And with their eyelids shut,
They fell.
When the hydro-poison came,
They fell.

I slipped down from this tremor
That took them away.
It let their fears go,
But Iseit stayed.

And after all of this burning,
Iseit feared change.
For when I made him,
He was made to fear change.
Track Name: Agatho Kako
Your kingdom come before your worth.
Undermining processes
That made up destruction.
Could you not see
This Northern Nothing?

Cast away ideas of friends.
They serve us nothing.
I will create you something better.
I could cure you with amnesia.

Phantoms glistening in aether,
Glass balls of nebulas.
Your care has given this worth.
Don’t you understand?

For your hour’s life,
I have given you thought.
You won’t be destroyed,
For you’re the Cosmonaut.

I showed you your kingdom’s end,
Put death into the waters.
But you’re a new beginning,
The first of the Moonwalkers.
Track Name: Ignition of Fault
Becoming the harrows that embellish this god,
I named myself the killer that acts as fulcrum to his end.
Impoverished minds of these lives made to die,
That charge up the way with lights from my heart.

And when my Beilorth falls,
When it’s mindset dies,
I’ll be the harbinger of it’s ghost.

Free me, I’m sick.
I’m killing this covenant.
I’m being eaten alive
By these ghosts in the light.
I just can’t keep on
Whistling his tune.

When I’m out,
I’m out forever.
When I’m hungry,
I eat forever.

And Irelise did know
A place where nobody goes:
The wink in my eye,
The light in my mind.
But the posing lizard
Killed his sons in the light.

Free me, I’m sick.
Blood sucked out by the parasite.

Is this blood forgiven?
I’m not the one who had it spilled.
Irelise ripped away,
I am an act of deicide.

Unadjusted names of just respect,
Their faces decorate these halls.
Remembrance given to my thoughts,
Begotten, yet I am unloved.

Will my demise mean that
You won’t love me anymore?
Five thousand years I could live with that,
I just want to see your death.
Track Name: Ignition of Love (Laceusco Magnasco)
It’s a shame this kingdom in the ground
Filled up all the memories that you left around.
But until the clocks let it rot,
You will see me eating.
Yes, you’ll see me feasting upon it’s dead flesh.

Somewhere inside I’m just seeking out
Which child hates me, because I can’t believe
That these children have been all but cared for.
And sure enough I’m sickened from this flesh I hate.
I swear they’ll end you if you even salivate.

I said I swear they’ll end you if you complicate
The righteous that will be eventually worshipping me,
Because here I am, I’m the Creatertigenetron.
Here I am, I am the Asthmatic Lizard.

And I won’t let up.
No I won’t give up.

And when my life did break off that chord,
I was full of abysmal discord.
But such is the way of disguise
When I'm spoken to by this device.

And through my life, oh my God...
And through my life
I am just a tear amongst your prickled bed,
Judged by the guards of your heckling dismay.
I am disdain.

Are you listening?
Are you so far gone?
I am broken,
But I'm not afraid.
Track Name: Now You Make Track, Iseit
I held on to things

Which seemingly cauterized my wounds.

They built plagues upon me,

Sounding awful even in name alone.

I never thought a thought

Could cure my actions.

But to make break a way's off...

I could have become more.

Resting on isles off the coast of Nothingness,

I made a pact with a pack of wolves
That hid in the company of thoughts.

It is an ill-made pact,

One which destroyed my being.

But I do not regret what I did,

For it was for my Irelise - what I did.

That aptitude did point towards a rougher life,

I couldn't make bend to rules otherwise.

That was who I was. A damned.

But who am I now,

If not a better person?

Or am I still just as lost?

Am I still just me?

Well, I'm emancipating myself
From this room of snakes.
I got a tongue in my mouth
That is filled with secrets.
This allowance of breath
Is financing my solemnity.
Beseeched from life.
I am a kingly man
Amongst kingly beasts.
I am only a damned
Amongst lowly beasts.
All faults that are my own
I have given to this world of claws.
Have faith in me,
For I have no faith in me.

Who said they watched it all

And it meant nothing?

Who saw my kingdom fall,
And belayed assumption?
Track Name: The Occult
Have you ever crossed the veins
Of dismal discord?
How many lives have you saved
From breaking their skin?

I emit from my hands as well,
Pasting feathers on skin.
I succeeded in ill-creating,
Basing life off sin.

Could I make martyrs of faults?
Look what you made me do...

I created dark magic for all,
I’ve become a god.
Their wings, they will take me
Through candle-lit halls.

Did I live alone?
Why did I live alone?

They’re broken-off chimeras,
Beautiful in ways
That you will not see,
So I give you your crowd.

My end won’t come easily.
I’ll leave you broken on tiles.
Why should I serve you
When you’ve erased my love?

Could I make martyrs of faults?
Look what you made me do...

Have you ever crossed the veins?
How many lives have you saved?

Never will I live alone.
Never will I live alone.
Track Name: The Tertigenetron
How many times have I
Built multiple cells?
Ignite my love
Upon these things
That pull away from me.
Could you not hear me suffer?

Now pull away you
Orphans of futures
That lay ahead.
Could I keep you to myself?
I must know,
Who will forsake this man?

Now pull away from
Myself as you search
For the one who will
Bring Iseit down.
And bring him here,
He has scales to eat.

Who is he who lives on curves?
The first one to see,
The last one to serve.

Who is the eidolon of me?
The first one to serve,
The last one to see.